Winning Dragon Ball Figures from An Online Game

Dragon Ball Game

Japan has so many cool anime TV series. One of them is the famous Dragon Ball Z which is an adaptation of a manga. This anime is about fantasy and adventure. The main character of this anime is still Son Goku but as an adult. Now, you can win Dragon Ball figures from home.

Son Goku isn’t the only character you will find in the anime. Many other characters are making the anime look more fantastic. The fans of Dragon Ball Z are willing to collect all the figurines of this anime. If you are one of them, then you must start collecting the figurines as well.

Easy Steps to Collect Dragon Ball figures

There are so many ways to get the figurines of Dragon Ball Z. One of them is by purchasing those figurines from online marketplaces. The seller is going to ship the figurine to your home. But this means you need to pay for those figurines. And the price of some figurines can be super high.

Another way to get the best figurines of Dragon Ball Z is by playing an online game. The online game is going to give you the figurines of Dragon Ball Z for free. How to get the prizes for free?

Get A Game That Offers Dragon Ball Figures

First of all, you must get a special online game. It is an online crane game or claw machine you can find on the App Store and Play Store. Install the game on your phone and then make an account. You need to fill in the details asked by the game. After signing in, you can start playing the game.

This online claw machine game is special since it will give you the most exclusive Dragon Ball Z figurines as the prize. You should choose the prize at the beginning of the game. Choose any character you want to win before playing.

Do Your Best to Win the Game

And then, if you want to get the Dragon Ball figures, you need to work hard. There will be five game modes to play and each of them is having its difficulty. You need to make sure that the strategy you use can give you the prize you desire.


The Dragon Ball figures will be yours for free if you know how to get them without paying for anything. Download this free online game and you will win the most exclusive figurines from the game for free. Just make sure that you know which game is the right one and that it offering real prizes.

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