Win the Dragon Ball Online Game to Complete Your Collection


Everybody knows that Japan always relates to anime and manga. It is unbelievable that the fans of anime and manga are not only locals but also people around the world. One of the legendary anime adapted from anime is Dragon Ball. You can find the Dragon Ball online game as well.

Although the Dragon Ball manga launched in 1984, its popularity never fades. Until now, there are many fans looking for figurines or merchandise for this anime. Collecting Dragon Ball figurines gives a thrill for them, especially if they obtain those figurines from claw games.

Strive to Win Dragon Ball Online Game

Playing claw games is not easy. Without skill, you will experience failure many times. Hence it is important to hone skills before you decide to play the Dragon Ball claw machine game. In addition, playing claw games is not free. There are a few costs that you need to pay before you operate the claw.

You should not worry about the cost of playing this claw game because it is not that expensive. If you can win on the first attempt and take the exclusive Dragon Ball merchandise, you save a lot of money. These exclusive items are priceless. 

In addition, your hard work in controlling the claw in order to catch the item gives additional value to the prize. It means, your effort to beat the game and the prize value is incomparable. Therefore, people who like collecting prizes from claw games will treasure those items.

When you play a Dragon Ball online claw game, you have to choose the prize. Because this game has several types offering various prizes. If you successfully catch the prize, it will belong to you. The next thing you do is just complete details for shipment.

Special Prizes You Can Collect

Prizes in the Dragon Ball claw game are so special. This official merchandise is only available here. There is no shop selling these exclusive items. What you get from this claw machine includes Goku Black in Saiyan mode, Gohan, Bulma, Vegeta, Gogeta figurines, Dragon Ball playing cards, etc. 

To collect those exclusive items, you should try hard. For lucky players, they might win the game in one round. Without luck, you probably need a few rounds to catch these valuable prizes. Any kind of merchandise obtained from this claw game is worth your effort and coins.

How Popular Is the Dragon Ball Claw Machine Game?

It is not surprising if the popularity of the Dragon Ball claw machine game increases gradually since this legendary anime is famous. The number of downloads is more than 31 million, while the active players reach 1097 people.

So far, these people have succeeded in collecting prizes. The number of prizes they collect is approximately 10 million. It is okay if you fail on your first round. If you keep practicing, you will eventually gain these exclusive items easily. 

Currently, the Dragon Ball online game allures anyone who loves this anime. They will not skip the chance to collect unique merchandise of Dragon Ball. Everyone who works hard in collecting the merchandise from the Dragon Ball machine claw game tends to treat it like a treasure.

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