Vietnam Sustainable Cities Realization Plan

Vietnam sustainable cities

Sustainable cities can be identified based on several criteria. Starting from infrastructure, health, transportation, education, work life to green spaces in the city. One of them is Vietnam. This country decided to build even better Vietnam sustainable cities.

The concept of developing sustainable cities in the country trends to emphasize social welfare, economy and of course the environment. One of this manifestations is in sustainable development in the environmentally friendly automative industry.


Transforming Vietnam Sustainable Cities

In order to build sustainable cities, Vietnam is starting to turn to the automotive industry which is very friendly to the environment. This is very important to do for the purpose of reducing pollution in Vietnam’s big cities. One of them by starting to use electronic vehicles.

Vehicles like this will reduce fuel consumption that poullutes the urban environment. In addition to making urban air increasingly dirty, motor vehicle pollution can also have other bad effects. For example, increasing the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect will certainly heat up the surrounding environment and worsen natural conditions. Therefore, the transformation of the use of electronic vehicles is expected to be able to reduce it all and create sustainable cities development.


Sustainable Automotive Industry Development in Vietnam

To achieve the main goal of creating sustainable cities, Vietnam is implementing a green revolution for the public and private sectors. One of them is by developing a sustainable automotive industry in this country. This is a brilliant idea that needs to be implemented immediately.

Such as the 2022 plan to increase the production of electric vehicles. This electric vehicle in Vietnam is considered to be able to optimally support Vietnam sustainable cities. The more people who use electric vehicles, the more healthy and comfortable cities air is created.

The environmentally friendly technology is further supported by the production of 250.000 electric vehicles complete with 20.000 charging stations for these vehicles. In addition to reducing air pollution, this vehicle is also more efficient than buting vehicle fuel in general.

This is certainly a good innovation that must be done immediately. In this case also required good cooperation from international organizations, governments and those involved in it. Moreover, the process cannot be done instantly, but step by step.


Green Revolution in Vietnam

In order to realize the ideals of a sustainable cities in Vietnam, this country continues to carry out a green revolution. Vietnam always optimize the innovations they create to be able to immediately realize these goals. One of them is digital transformation in Vietnam.

With the easy way of conventional driving to electronic form, it is hoped that it will soon realize sustainable cities. This ideal is also made in the YCP Solidance white paper which reveals that Vietnam is moving towards good sustainable cities development.

This goal should be realized in 2025 to 2030. It is hoped that all sectors can work well together to realize sustainable cities according to the plan. Not only for now but also for the long-term in the future. So, it is very important to do it in the best way.

Vietnam sustainable cities is expected to be carried out properly and according to plan. Especially in the field of transportation which is considered to have a very impact on the environment. For example, by using electric vehicle that are more environmentally friendly that others

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