The Best Pikachu Claw Machine Singapore

Pikachu claw machine Singapore

Pikachu is one of the popular characters in Pokemon anime. This Japanese anime has many fans and they are willing to buy the merchandise. Since it gains much popularity, you can win merchandise from the game Pikachu claw machine Singapore.

The claw machine system allows you to win the game easily from the tickets you have bought from the apps. After that, the gamers can play the game virtually without coming to a time zone. Here is the best claw machine for Pikachu fans and other merchandise to win.

The Best Pikachu Claw Machine Singapore

Prize for All Region

The Pikachu claw machine Singapore is available to access in every region in the world. Since it is a virtual game, the apps can be downloaded on the gadget and the gamers only wait for the prize to deliver to their address if they win the game.

Authentic prize

The merchandise that the gamers win is authentic. Pikachu is Japanese art and the merchandises are from Japan. You can not find the list of merchandise anywhere else and you can get it by winning the game. If you are lucky, you can get the merchandise for only $1.

International shipping

The developer also offers international shipping for the winners. The items are from Japan and the gamers only have to pay the shipping fee with DHL or EMS> This offer is very flexible. Compared to buying the merchandise itself, winning from the claw machine is way better.

The Prizes of Pikachu Claw Machine

Plush cushion

This prize is the most wanted by all Pikachu fans. There are many characters available to get from the Pikachu claw machine Singapore. The most popular one is Kabigon Mega. It is a 42 cm plush cushion. Other Pikachu merchandises are smaller, yet the chance of winning is still high.

Small merchandises

Other merchandises are storage boxes, slippers, and face pouches. Even though they are small merchandise, they are exclusive and are not available in the merchandise market. You can own them by only winning the claw game machine only from the Pikachu category.


Another option to get popular among children’s fans is a wristwatch. This merchandise has many colors available and you can catch it by the claw in the tank. The character is not only Pikachu but also other characters in the Pokemon anime.

Winning this game is challenging, yet the prize is very inviting. The whole merchandise is exclusive and you will never find them anywhere else. It is only available in Pikachu claw machine Singapore at a very cheap token.

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