The Best One Piece Claw Machine in Singapore

Singapore is the home of wonderful amusement arcades. These arcades have great claw machines that offer great prize items. One Piece claw machine, for example, is fun to play and offers One Piece figurines that are worth to be collected.

If you like watching One Piece anime and manga series, you must try playing this claw machine. However, if you are too lazy visiting the arcades, you can download the gaming app version instead. Most users of this app said that this game is even better than the real one.

One Piece Claw Machine App is Not an Ordinary Gaming App

One Piece crane machine gaming app is not an ordinary game. It connects you to a real One Piece crane machine. Playing this game means that you are controlling the real machine remotely. This app is different from the claw machine simulator app which only offers the cartoon version of the claw machine.

The game version of One Piece crane machine presents a live video of the claw machine. This video has HD quality so that you will feel as if the real claw machine is in front of you. In addition, this app also has real One Piece prizes for the winners.

The prizes you win will be shipped to your home address via the best shipping service so that your merchandise will arrive in one piece quickly. Countless app users have received their prizes. It proves that the crane machine app is easy to play and win and that it truly gives real prizes to the winners.

Various Prizes Items in the One Piece Crane Machine App

The game version of the One Piece crane machine has numerous different prize items for the winners. App users can select the item they want to claw before operating the claw machine. Some items available in this game are Wano Kuni figurines, Monkey D. Luffy figurines, Nami figurines, and Nico Robin figurines.

You can also choose to claw One Piece Q poskets and other types of collectibles. And since this app developer has a special merchandising contract with the One Piece creator, you don’t need to worry about the quality and authenticity of the One Piece collectibles.

Many of those prize items are available in limited editions. Therefore, you must try to win them before the app runs out of them. If they are no longer available, you will have difficulties in collecting them because they are not available in stores.

How to Play the Mobile Game

The steps of playing the One Piece claw machine app are very simple. First, you must install the app on your mobile phone. You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device. After that, you can open the app and start playing

Don’t forget to purchase the game tickets and choose the prize item you want before operating the claw machine remotely. If you win the item, then you can get it shipped to your address.

Download One Piece crane machine app now. The app developer is offering exclusive free tickets for new users. Grab these tickets while they last so that you don’t need to buy the game tickets to operate the claw.

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