Singapore Consumer Behaviour in 2023

Singapore consumer behavior

The popularity of online shopping is increasing. Singapore consumer behavior has changed because of technology, and 2023 becomes another refresh after the pandemic COVID-19. Now, people get influenced by technology to get the stuff they need. Here are some new behaviors of Singaporean consumers.

The Latest Singapore Consumer Behaviour

Shopping Community

Some brands in Singapore establish their own forum for buyers. In the forum, the buyers can sign up and account and review the products they have bought. This is what the shopping community means and it helps a lot of potential buyers.

It is part of marketing from the brands, but they let the output come from the buyers. It is organic and trusted, so the potential buyers can see the positive side of the products. This is the trend to maximize consumer behaviour.

Social Commerce

Social commerce according to Singapore market research has a big popularity in this country. Some people do not shop from general e-commerce but Whatsapp and Instagram. They can interact more with the sellers and immediately pay for the stuff by transferring money.

Other top platforms where Singaporeans purchase the stuff are Facebook and Messenger. Most buyers are from Facebook and they join the commerce group. That place is no longer to be a platform to find your long-time friend but to purchase in different niches per group.

Livestreaming Shopping

Live streaming such as Shopee and Tiktok gain more buyers. According to Singapore market research, people now tend to buy stuff via live streaming. It gains a lot of traction and offers discounts. This trend is coming from China on Douyin, and now it is popular as well in Singapore.

Why are many people into this trend? Singaporean watch live streams because there is an interaction between the seller and the buyer. They can ask more questions directly and once they think it is a good deal, they immediately buy. Communication is the key to increasing their shopping interest.

Cinderella Shoppers

Sinderella shoppers are the term for people who shop after 12. Shopping in the middle of the night gives them a lot of benefits since more e-commerce offers discounts and bonuses for the buyers. Some e-commerce platforms intentionally bait Cinderella shoppers on certain dates.

The sellers also have to master the way they communicate with the buyers. It is not only beneficial for the buyers, but the sellers also can attract more buyers. Cinderella shoppers in Singapore have a high number, and they tend to get exclusive stuff.

Singapore consumer

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behaviour changed after the pandemic when people are shopping via online platforms. However, they are segmented, and Singaporeans rely a lot on other experiences. They tend to choose social commerce, live streaming, and community shopping recently.

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