Pokémon Claw Machine for Dragonite and Mew Lovers


The official site of Pokémon stated that the goal of Pokémon is to connect people all around the world. This goal has been reached since so many people today love Pokémon. They are even willing to collect everything related to Pokémon. If you are also a collector, start playing the Pokémon claw machine.

This is an online crane game or claw machine game you can install on your iPhone or Android devices. After installing the game, you need to register before you can start playing. Next, you can start playing by choosing the prize you want before moving the claws to get the prizes below.

Cute Dragonite Plush Toy Exclusive Prize

Among so many exclusive prizes you can win from the Pokémon claw machine game, Dragonite plush toy is the cutest one. This plush toy has a yellow body, pale yellow stripes on its chest and belly, green wings, and white claws on its hands and feet. This looks just the same as the real Pokémon.

This Dragonite plush toy is inspired by the Pokémon number 149. This dragon and flying Pokémon has a kind heart and would love to help Pokémon and people in need. Before becoming Dragonite, it was Dratini that evolved into Dragonair. Now, you can keep this dragon in your room.

Pokémon Claw Machine with Shoulder Bag Prize

If you are a huge fan of Dragonite, you should never stop playing the online claw machine although you already won the Dragonite plush toy. The online crane game still has a Dragonite prize for you. It is a cute Dragonite shoulder bag for girls.

This cute Dragonite shoulder bag has yellow as its main color and blue color for the strap. The size of this Dragonite shoulder bag is 20cm by 15cm. Use this cute bag to carry your phone, car, and other stuff when hanging out with some friends.

Cute Mew Plush Bag for Girls

The Dragonite shoulder bag isn’t the only exclusive Pokémon bag you can get by playing the Pokémon claw machine game. You can also choose to win the Mew plush bag that looks super cute with pale pink color and blue eyes. The strap also has a matching soft pink color.

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