4 Pikachu Claw Machine Singapore Exclusive Prizes

Pikachu claw machine

Pikachu is like the mascot of Pokémon. It is an electric Pokémon in the mouse category. The fans of Pokémon know that Pikachu is a cute yet powerful little monster. If you are a huge fan of Pokémon, especially Pikachu, it is time to play the online Pikachu claw machine Singapore.

This game is specifically designed for lovers of Pokémon and Pikachu. Those who claim themselves as the collector of Pikachu need to play the online claw machine game that offers many Pikachu-themed prizes. What can you earn from the game and should you pay to earn the real prize?

Cool Prizes from Pikachu Claw Machine Singapore

The online Pikachu crane game offers two different methods to play the game. First of all, you can use premium tickets to play and earn Pikachu prizes for free. And the second method is paying $1 for each play. With this amount of money, you will get the chance to win exclusive prizes, such as:

  • Plush Slippers

Two Pikachu plush slippers are available for those who can win the online crane game. One of those slippers has the friendly face of Pikachu while another one has Pikachu’s blushing face. Pikachu plush slippers are limited edition prizes you need to win immediately by playing Pikachu claw machine.

  • Daily Flip Calendar

Now, you need to win another Pikachu prize from the online crane game. This daily flip calendar will flip every day automatically. If the previous prize belongs to the floor, this Pikachu prize is going to decorate the nightstand in your bedroom.

  • Face Pouch

If you want something you can take everywhere you go, play the online Pikachu claw machine and choose the Pikachu face pouch as your prize. This pouch has a small size and cute Pikachu face complete with its long ears. It can keep your lipstick, coins, and other small stuff.

  • Big Towel

After collecting the three prizes from the online claw machine game, you need to keep playing and try to win the big towel with Pikachu and four other Pokémon on it. This towel is 100cm wide and has green shades for the background color. It will be a nice ornament for your bathroom.


Collecting Pokémon stuff is a lifetime mission. There will be many impressive figurines, toys, and other things inspired by Pikachu to collect. But now, you need to focus on Pikachu claw machine Singapore and win the four outstanding Pikachu limited edition prizes above. Which prize do you want to get first?

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