Forecasting Investment Strategy with Market Research Myanmar

Market research Myanmar

Isolated for many decades, Myanmar nowadays has become one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia for nature and agriculture resources. Beforehand, due to the political reasons in this country, no one intends to involve any investment into this country. 

By now, the Myanmar government is concerned about national economic growth by giving a chance for any foreign investments to come to this country. Market research Myanmar will give you more detail down below.

Market Research Myanmar Outlook

Settled the economic strategy by combining policy in industry, agriculture and infrastructure, Myanmar is trying to resurrect the economic growth. Theoretically, this country tries to diversify any export base with the value-added production which is implemented in both domestic and global markets. As a result, Myanmar looks to gradually grow about 6 to 8 percent by 2012.

How Does Myanmar Investment Look Like?

The investment in Myanmar seems promising since the policy made by the government looks conducive for any investors. The government commits to develop the investment sector due to the impact it may give to society and the environment. On the other hand, the Myanmar government also restricts and prohibits some of certain sectors due to environmental reasons, progress of peace, and also reconciliation.

How Tax Incentives Affect Investment in Myanmar?

In case of investment, the government of Myanmar runs a certain policy. The policy organizes any foreign companies to obey the rule which drives them to follow commercial operations. The commercial operations inquire of any company to do business in the free zone for about seven years and for about five years in the promotion zone. Investors can learn the rules and policies from market research in Myanmar.

Promising Sectors to Invest in Myanmar

Mining Sector

Who’s ever guessing that Myanmar has natural resources? Well, it actually happens in this country. In this country, besides oil, gas, and energy, the mining sector has been considered as the third largest industry with the highest contribution to GDP. This country furthermore owned other mining resources such as jewelry, precious stones, and also charcoal.

Retail Sector

Retail sectors in Myanmar are looking increasingly to grow as well as the government giving more wider authority to this sector. By now, any supermarket, shopping center or department store has a permission to run their business as long as it’s not located near a local small business. In other hand, the huge business has also possibilities to make a partnership with local vendors by a joint venture.

Electric Sector

Beside agriculture sector, Myanmar reportedly has any other resource come from its nature including gas, carbon, coal and also hydropower. But the reality may seem contradictory due to the fact that this country has an abundance of energy resources. In fact, except 30% of the population, those who live in this country have no access to electricity services.

Any investors who need a new place to run some business may need to consider Myanmar as their next stop. Besides the good market offered, According to Market research Myanmar, this country also provides a promising place for any foreign company to start investing due to the policy and infrastructure.

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