Market Analysis and Research to Consider Invest In Cattle

market analysis for invest in cattle

The market size of the cattle feed is expected to experience growth from USD 84.5 billion in 2023 to USD100.36 billion in 2028 with a 3.5% CAGR during that forecast period. Understanding market analysis and research to consider invest in cattle is a very essential step to take.

Globally, the segment of beef cattle has experienced growth because of some different factors like more people demanding high-quality beef meat. Another factor is high beef meat consumption in Western countries like Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Market Analysis and Research to Consider Invest in Cattle

China is the largest producer and consumer of beef meat. The country also experienced growth in the population of beef cattle. North America and Europe currently have a consumption share of meat and dairy products. Rapid growth is projected in Latin American and Asian-Pacific regions.

To analyze the market and see whether cattle is the right investment, you need to know some news about the cattle feed market. Below is some news every investor needs to explore before they finally invest in cattle.

  • November 2021

De Heus Vietnam decided to sign a strategic agreement along with Masan. After that, De Heus gain control of a hundred percent of the MNS Feed business that is related to cattle feed. This MNS Feed business covers about thirteen animal feed mills.

Those mills have a total production capacity of about 4 million metric tons. Those mills strengthen the position of De Heus in Southeast Asia as the biggest animal feed market.

  • May 2022

On May 22, Archer Daniel Midland Co. decided to acquire a feed mill located in the Philippines, precisely in Southern Mindanao. The goal is to expand the footprint of animal nutrition in the country. If you also want to invest in cattle, you need to find the right way to expand and grow your income as well.

  • January 2023

De Heus Animal Nutrition finally established a brand-new greenfield animal feed factory located in Ivory Coast. The new factor has an initial producing capacity of up to 120,000 metric tons of animal feed, including cattle feed. What will you do to build a new factory and grow your cattle business?

By conducting market analysis and research to consider invest in cattle, investors will be able to figure out the best strategies to win the market and experience outstanding growth. As an investor, it is essential to learn from various news related to the cattle business.

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