Malaysia Technology Trends in Various Sectors

Technology will always develop. Understanding technology means you will understand what will happen to this world. For example, if you want to expand your business to Malaysia, you should learn about Malaysia technology trends. Pandemic has changed the technology trends in many countries.

Technology has an important role, especially in keeping the societies around the world functional and resilient, during the pandemic. Technology is one of several trends that will have a long lasting impact in the upcoming years. There are some trends that may never change after the pandemic is over.

The Education Technology Trend in Malaysia

Before the pandemic, digital learning already existed. But this technology was limited to higher education courses. Only almost overnight, the pandemic shut down all physical education establishments, not only in Malaysia but also around the world.

This condition leaves the students and teachers to adopt digital learning quickly. Malaysian students embraced the online facilitation and teaching. Online learning and teaching is using tools like some famous apps such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, not all of Malaysia is equipped with the proper infrastructure for the high speed internet access. New towers needed to be built in some areas where the internet connection is poor. This is necessary to help all students get the education they deserve.

Malaysia Technology Trends for the Workers

Millions of people lost their job because of the pandemic. But this pandemic also compelled companies and organizations to adopt a new working culture: remote working. This new method is going to make sure the business continues.

Unfortunately, for some sectors like agriculture and manufacturing, work from home is not a solution. Work from home itself is not without challenges. Some issues like communication, teamwork, productivity, costlier utility bills at home, and burnout are some challenges workers need to face.

As long as the pandemic stays on earth, the work from home is going to continue to have some profound effects on the workforce. Workers need to keep pivoting their priorities and adopting technology so they can accommodate the new culture: new normal.

Digital Entertainment for Everyone at Home

Many more people start spending more time in using their gadget since there are less real life interactions and outdoor activities they can do. People started trying and being addicted to online gaming and entertainment. In March 2020, Netflix gained 195% growth in sequential traffic.

Based on the details provided by Google Malaysia, in 2020 only there were 35% watch time across YouTube Malaysia has increased. The growth of YouTube on TV watch time is also fascinating, it reaches 60%.

The Growth of Malaysia’s E-Commerce

Based on malaysia consumer trends shoppers and business owners started using e-commerce to fulfill their needs after the pandemic attack. From March 1 to October 31, 2020, there were 373,213 entities that registered the businesses under the online category.

Learning about Malaysia technology trends is a crucial step for all businesses that are planning to expand to Malaysia. There are various sectors to be researched. Make sure you can find the best one that offers the highest opportunity to expand your business successfully.

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