Like Playing Claw Machines? Try Demon Slayer Tanjiro Claw Machine

Demon Slayer Tanjiro claw machine Singapore

There are plenty of arcades with claw machines in Singapore. But what if you want to experience Japanese claw machines and their unique prizes? Try Demon Slayer Tanjiro claw machine Singapore, then. Not only it allows you to play Japanese claw machines but also win unique prizes from the heart of Japan.

How Does the Demon Slayer Tanjiro Claw Machine Singapore Work?

The claw machines are located in Japan. Meanwhile, players can be from anywhere around the world. The player controls a claw machine remotely through the app.

Only $1 per Play

You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy the thrill of playing the Demon Slayer Tanjiro claw machine. It costs only USD1 to play a game, and this price is flat. So even if the claw machines are in Japan and you live in Singapore, the price you pay is still the same: USD1 per play.

Exclusive, Limited Edition Merchandise

Do you like collecting Demon Slayer merchandise? If you do, here’s a good news: you can win various exclusive, limited edition merchandise by playing the Demon Slayer Tanjiro claw machine Singapore.

From action figures of Tanjiro, Zennitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko, mat, cute plush toys, and key chain mascots to Tanjiro-themed Tamagotchi. You can win them all.

From Bridge Style to Bounded Machine

There are lots of claw machines you can play. The 5 types of claw machine games are Bridge Style, Ping-Pong Ball, Treasure Hunt, Hang & Hook & Shake, and Bounded Machine. In all these games, you must control the claw to meet the winning condition, which is not the same from one game to another.

For instance, if you play a Bridge Style claw machine, the winning condition is to slip the prize through the rods. This is not easy as it sounds, however. You need to grab the prize and direct it so it goes smoothly through the rods.

With a Ping-Pong Ball, you don’t grab the prize. Rather, you use the claw to grab ping-pong balls and drop them on a designated platform. From this platform, the balls will roll down. To win, a ball must land on a colorful hole.

How to Play

  1. Select the prize you want to win.
  2. Play the claw machine game.
  3. Win the game.
  4. Claim the prize and get it shipped from Japan to Singapore via DHL or EMS.

So, what are you waiting for? If you enjoy the thrill of playing claw machines and are a fan of the Demon Slayer series, you must try the Demon Slayer Tanjiro claw machine. You can win exclusive, limited edition merchandise for as low as $1.

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