Investment Strategy in Qatar Tourism Sector

market research qatar - tourism sector

Looking for a great country to do business in the tourism sector? Now you need to consider Qatar as your next stop investment destination. Known as the most promising investment in the world, Qatar is reported for its rapid growth and its capabilities to overcome any business challenges on a global scale. But what actually Qatar tourism sector looks like? Market research Qatar will explain to you how it is.

Qatar Market in a Nutshell

Qatar actually has the official name called “the state of Qatar”. Nestled in Western Asia, Qatar is well known as the one of business leading countries in that region. Qatar however declared a program called “Qatarization” which consists of several venture industries and government departments. It’s formed to bring Qatar into its greatness by marking the target of a 50% workforce including in the energy sector industry.

Qatar Tourism Sector Overview

In the tourism sector, there is something known as the mixture of traditional and modern or combination of old and new. Nestled across East and West, the State of Qatar is located in an attractive spot. From the international travel hubs, it takes only about 6-7 hours to reach this country. For most 80% population, they only need about a 6 hour flight from Qatar with no-visa required.

Future of Qatar’s Tourism and Things Need to Consider

For about the past couple decades, the government of Qatar declared a commitment to developing the tourism industry. This country makes a tourism sector as its priority by involving it into future development of the national strategy. However, based on market research Qatar, there are several considerations affect Qatar to declare that major plan, including:

The Global Importance and Growth Potential

It’s not surprising that the tourism industry has become the most popular sector every country attempts to take advantage of. Witnessed as the most industry in the world, the tourism industry however is expected to be rapidly growing in future. Qatar has also projected it into national strategy by developing the domestic tourism industry.

Economic Benefits

As well as Qatar projecting some kind of sector in the economic, tourism industry has related to the national strategy of this country. It’s because the tourism industry contributes in several aspects such as forming an economic diversification, improving structural balance, and also decreasing volatility. On the other hand, tourism also helps Qatar to increase income in foreign exchange with the new private sector. 

Intangible Benefits. 

Tourism industry always generates exposure and goodwill in a country. Thus, this can be seen as an essential contribution which could promote any culture of Qatar. Further, it also helps Qatar to popularize the nation’s profile and reputation of this country.

Cultural Tourism Assets. 

It’s not surprising that Qatar has various cultural assets that can be utilized for tourism purposes. In the case of the tourism industry, Qatar can offer tourists any authentic traditional performance, world-class museums, art galleries, historic sites, and also heritage attractions.

Qatar has showcased its attractiveness through the tourism industry. However, it also attracts investors to take advantage by doing tourism business over there. Thus, it’s important to stay well-informed about how to invest in Qatar by learning market research Qatar.

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