How to Play Pikachu Claw Machine and Earn the Prizes

Pikachu Claw Machine

Are you considering yourself as a Pokémon’s huge fan? You are actually not until you collect the entire Pokémon merchandise from around the world.

Now you can be a real fan of Pokémon simply by playing the Pikachu claw machine. No need to travel around the world just to get those merchandise.

One thing that can give you easy merchandise is the crane game or the claw machine. Now Japan Claw Machine can be played at home through your smartphone.

What prizes will you get for playing? Check out how you can win and earn various figures here.

First Step to Use the Pikachu Claw Machine

To earn the prizes, you must first get the application for your smartphone, whether Android smartphone or iOS device. 

  • Open the App Store on your iPad or Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  • Type Japan Claw Machine ( JCM ) on the searching bar.
  • Hit that download button and wait until the download process is done.
  • Launch the app and you can start playing to earn the Pokémon merchandise.

Playing this game is as easy as pie. Follow these:

  • Once the application is opened, start with picking the prize you desire. Yes, you can choose any Pokémon character you want.
  • Then play that crane or claw game in order to get the prize.
  • Win the game and you will soon get your favorite Pokémon figure.
  • That prize you won will be delivered to your address from the original home of Pokémon, Japan through the EMS or DHL.

What a fun game, isn’t it?

Awesome Prizes from Pikachu Claw Machine

There are numerous limited edition prizes you can get by winning the claw machine. Here are some limited Pokémon figures you can win after playing the game:

  • Kabigon cushion

This claw machine allows you to get a Snorlax plush cushion, but not the small one offered by the stores.

This Kabigon cushion is a 42 cm-sized plush cushion. If you are a new player, you can play for free to get this mega big cushion.

  • Pikachu slippers

Another prize you can win after playing this online game is Pikachu plush slippers.

The original price for this original merchandise is 30 USD but sure you can get this for free if you could win the game. Give the game a try and bring the slippers home.

  • Eevee storage box

Unlike the previous prizes, this one is exclusive merchandise you can’t buy. If you really want to get this unique Pokémon storage box with the cute Eevee on it, you must play and win the claw machine.

If you are out of premium tickets for free playing, spend one dollar to play and win the game.

Those are just some examples of the prizes. Explore many more Pokémon figures by downloading the app and start playing the game right now. Remember that those merchandise are limited edition.

It means you must compete with the other players to earn those Pokémon figures before they’re all gone.

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