Hone Arcade Skills with Real Claw Machine App

Claw Machine App

Craving for an interesting game to play on your mobile device? Real Claw Machine App belongs to the best one to have a go.

This game is far from boring as you have the chance to play various types of claw machines comfortably without stepping out from your home in Canada.

Arcades have become popular gameplay and now you can enjoy arcade game vibes directly from your mobile device.

Not just the fun and easy game experience that this app offers, the abundance prize which you cannot find elsewhere are waiting for you to win them.

5 Claw Machines Available in the Game

This app comes with five different types of claw machines. After trying to play one of the claw machines, you can improve your skills to a new challenge from four other machines.

You can constantly challenge yourself to play the game for free if you get a limited-time offer.

  • Bridge Style 

This claw machine features rods that look like a bridge. The prizes are arranged behind the rods. To play this game, you need to catch the prize with the chain. Then, drop the prize you have caught between the rods to win the game.

  • Ping-pong Ball

Like its name, in this game, we play with many ping-pong balls. All you have to do to play this machine is by dropping the prize into the colored hole to be rewarded. There is such a slide where the ping-pong passes through into the hole. 

  • Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt claw machine requires players to direct the chain into the prizes and pick them up. There is a box in the middle of the machine filled with confetti and prizes.

You have to challenge yourself to find the prize in the box full of confetti.

  • Hang & Hook & Shake

This claw machine needs players to hook prizes and drop them in order to win. Each prize comes with a pink rink to make players easier when hooking the prizes with the chain. 

  • Bounded Machine

You can play and win the bounded machine by catching the prize arranged on the machine. Then, you need to direct it and drop it until the prize slips through the rubber bands so that you can win the game. 

Types of Prizes in Real Claw Machine App

As Canadian players you have a similar chance to win various unique items as prizes. There are several interesting items that you can win as follows:

  • Electronics

Among various electronics that you can win, there are waterproof video cameras, USB charging, and wireless earphone. 

  • Soft Toys

In this prized group, you can get anime night pillows, big soft toys, and cute dolls. 

  • Anime

You can get various kinds of exclusive famous anime figurines and furniture with anime themes. 

  • Toys

This game offers miniature toys, radio control cars, and vending machine miniature toys. 

  • Food

Enjoys delicious tricks such as cup noodles, snack calpas, and stick snacks.

Installing a real claw machine app on your device allows you to enjoy various arcade games and hone your skill to be the claw machine champion. Win the game and get many unique items to send to your Canada address.

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