Experience Exciting Gameplay with Claw Machine App

Bring the excitement of arcade into your home won’t be much easier with claw machine app. Install this app in your phone and you can play the claw machines anytime you want. The thrilling atmospheres you commonly get in the arcade now are presented through your phone. 

Not to mention about its real and interesting prizes. By playing with these online claw machines, you deserve to get limited edition prizes you won’t find anywhere. It is because the only way to get them is winning the game. So, it’s the right time for you to have these exclusive collectibles. 

Fun Gameplay Provided by Claw Machine App

People like to get bored with the mobile phone games. However, this claw machine game is really addicting to play with several types of claw machines with different level of difficulties. Although it is very challenging, playing with this game is easy. Hence, you have a big chance to be a winner. 

This game is such a quick entertainment if you need a thrilling gameplay like arcade after your busy days. You always can challenge yourself anytime you want. Just installing this game app to your phone and avoid any boredom by starting play with different claw machine you want. 

What are you waiting for? Download the app in your phone now and get limited offer. You will receive 5 premium tickets that will give benefits to hone your clawing skills. With these tickets in your hand, you can play with any claw machine for free, regardless your locations, Canada or somewhere else. 

Continuous Free Challenges from 5 Types of Claw Machines

Perfect your skill in beating the claw machine through these 5 types of claw machines available in this app.  Although it seems easy to play, each claw machine has different challenge so that you should know the tricks to win them. 

  • Bridge style machine by dropping the prizes between the horizontal rods.
  • Ping-Pong ball machine by dropping the prizes into the colored holes on the bottom part of the machine. 
  • Treasure hunt machine by picking up the chain connected to prizes.
  • Hang & Hook & Shake machine by hooking the pink ring and drop the prizes until it out from the machine. 
  • Bounded machine by slipping the prizes through the bands ensure it is not trapped between the crossed bands. 

Win Unique Items as Prizes

Win the game not only will make you get exclusive figurines and toys that will enrich your collectibles; there are also other unique items worth winning. There are several electronics such as waterproof video camera, USB charging, and wireless earphone. 

Prizes with other anime characters in the form of figure and storage box are available as well. Not to mention soft toys like dolls in various sizes and pillow. Other interesting prizes are foods such as a box of snack calpas, 30 pieces of delicious stick snack, and cup noodles in soy sauce or hot chili flavor. 

Getting claw machine app installed in your phone will give you many benefits. You are not only able to challenge the clawing skill but also big opportunity to win various kinds of real and exclusive prizes. 

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