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online claw machine

People often associate the claw machine in the amusement arcades as a childish game. Consequently, some adults in Canada are too shy to visit the arcades to play it in spite of their desire to play the game. For those who want to play it at home, an online claw machine win real prizes is available.

The online claw machine is as good as the ones in the Canadian arcades. It has some features that optimize the gaming experience of its players’.

Compatible with Various Smartphones

Downloading the online claw machine app is the best solution for those who want to play claw machines but do not want to go to the amusement arcades. This online game is compatible with various smartphones since it can be installed in Android smartphones and iPhones.

To download and install this app, smartphone users only need to visit Google Play Store or App Store. Once it is installed, they can access the game 24/7 by simply tapping the phones.

Online Claw Machine Win Real Prizes in Various Choices

The main feature of this online claw machine is the real prizes for the winners. The app truly sends the prizes for the winners and millions of gamers have proved it. They do not only receive the prize once, but several times.

This app offers 5 categories of prizes, i.e. food, electronics, toys, anime, and soft toys. Each of these categories consists of several items. Therefore, gamers can explore what they want to win via these categories.

Some examples of the prizes are car toys, wireless earphones, cup noodles, Snoopy soft toys, anime figurines, and video cameras. After the gamers win one of these prizes, they must get it ship by filling the shipping form.

5 Claw Machines to Play

To give a satisfying gaming experience for its gamers, the developer of this online claw machine offers 5 claw machine types. They are Ping Pong Ball, Bridge Style, Treasure Hunt, Bounded Machine, and Hang, Hook, and Shake.

All of these claw machines are exciting and challenging to play because they have different but attractive gameplay. In spite of these challenges, users will be able to win the prizes easily after having the practice games.

Free Practice Games

Some gamers may not be familiar with the gameplay of each claw machine in this online game. Therefore, the developer of this online claw machine offers unlimited free practice games. Those who need to sharpen their skill in playing the claw machines can take advantage of the free practice games.

Free Tickets

The online claw machine needs a ticket to operate so that gamers must purchase the tickets to play. However, new gamers have a special privilege. They are allowed to play the real game for free 5 times because they have free tickets.

The free tickets are only available in a limited period of time. Therefore, those who want to try this online claw machine must download the game now. Having the tickets allows new gamers to have opportunities of winning free prizes.

The online claw machine win real prizes is simply convenient for adults who want to play a claw machine in private. For more info about this online game, please visit the official website.


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