2 Disney Rewards from Online Claw Machine with Real Prize

online claw machine win real prizes

If you consider yourself a huge fan of Disney, then this online claw machine with real prizes is for you. The online claw machine game offers extraordinary merchandise from Pixar and Disney. The merchandise is available for USD1 no matter where you are.

Those real prizes will be shipped to your location from Japan. However, you need to spend USD1 to start playing the online claw machine game. If you win the game, the developer of this online claw machine game will directly ship the prize you chose from Japan.

Online Claw Machine with Real Prize for Disney Lovers

Disney is identical with beautiful princesses and their happy ending stories. But Disney is not only about those princesses. Many other characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Sully, Duffy, and others are also ready to entertain you. If you collect all Disney merchandise, start playing the online crane game.

This online crane game offers various Disney prizes for everyone around the world. Below are some of the best Disney prizes you can win easily from this online claw machine game.

  • Donald Duck Plush Toy

The very first prize to win from the online claw machine win real prizes is this Donald Duck plush toy. This cute Donald Duck plush toy is extra soft and will complete your Disney collections perfectly. The original price of Donald Duck plush toy is USD130 but you don’t need to pay that much.

This Donald Duck plush toy will be yours for free if you can play the game with a premium ticket. But if you don’t have any premium tickets anymore, spend a dollar to play the game and win this plush toy. If you fail in winning the plush toy in one game, you’ll have to spend another buck to play and win it.

  • Winnie the Pooh Lunch Pot

Winnie the Pooh is a very cute honey bear in yellow color and red shirt. Play the online claw machine win real prizes and win a Winnie the Pooh lunch pot to complete your Disney collections. Two versions of Winnie the Pooh lunch pots are available.

There are yellow and brown lunch pots, each lunch pot is 17.5cm tall. After winning one of them, don’t stop playing until you win another one.


The two prizes above are only two examples of prizes you can get by playing the online claw machine with real prizes. Many other Disney prizes are waiting. Explore those prizes before you start playing the game.

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