3 Prizes from Clawtopia: Best Play Online Claw Machine in Australia


About 75% of Australians are playing games on their mobile devices, PC, or gaming console. From this data, you know that games become the most powerful medium to entertain people. And if you’re one of those Australians, you need to play Clawtopia: best play online claw machine in Australia.

This online claw machine game is inspired by the classic claw machine game you used to see and play in any public place in Australia. That’s why the look of the online claw machine game is similar to the classic one you see around your house.

Clawtopia: Best Play Online Claw Machine in Australia

Who should play this online claw machine game? All Australians, male and female, need to consider playing this outstanding online game. It becomes the best game since it offers real prizes for both female and male players. Many prizes from the game are designed for different genders.

  • Disney Princesses Figurines

Girls who love Disney princesses need to play this Clawtopia online claw machine game. But before the game starts, you need to choose one of Disney princesses’ figurines as the prize to win. And then you can do your best in trying to win that game. There are some different Disney princesses to collect.

One of them is Cinderella with a blue dress and blonde hair. And another one is the figurine of Belle in her lilac dress and brunette hair. Those are limited edition prizes you can win for free with premium tickets. Or, you can also spend USD1 to play the game and win a prize if you’re out of tickets.

  • Dragon Ball Figurines

Boys who love Dragon Ball need to play Clawtopia and choose Dragon Ball figurines as the prizes. Many Dragon Ball figurines are available for all players. Goku figurine, Android No. 18 figurine, Son Gohan figurine, and Gogeta figurine are some examples of real prizes to win.

Those figurines are original prizes from Japan and they’re limited edition. Collect them all simply by playing the online claw machine game. When you’re done collecting all Dragon Ball figurines, you need to keep playing and win other figurines designed for boys.

  • Exclusive Prizes

This online claw machine game also offers exclusive prizes you cannot buy anywhere else. For example, Japan Disney Sea stuffed Duffy is only available in this game. To get it, the only way you should do is play the online claw machine game.

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