Claw Machine Apps with Real Prizes Pokémon Collections

Pokemon Claw Machine

Since the pandemic attacked about a year ago, everything goes online. Some things that seem impossible to go online can now be accessed through your smartphone, like the claw machine.

There are claw machine apps with real prizes you can play to kill your boredom.

We all enjoy the claw cranes or claw machine because of the cute prize shown behind the glass barrier.

What about the online version? How can we get the real prize? How to play this fun game and get the prize? Find the details below.

Enjoy the Fun Claw Machine Apps with Real Prizes

This exciting game comes from Japan. To win the prize you must get the app first and install it on your device. Once it is installed, start playing the game.

If you are a new player, you will get some tickets to play for free 5 times. You don’t want to miss the chance to win the prize.

What prize can you get from this app? How can you get any of them? Below are just some prizes you can choose to win.

  • Huge cushion

The original price of this prize is 40 dollars. This Kabigon plush’ size is 42 cm and it is not the one you can get from the store. It is the original product that you can get only by playing and winning in this claw machine online game.

  • Plush slippers

Pikachu lovers must play this Pikachu claw machine game and choose Pikachu plus slippers as the main prize. Its original price is 30 dollars but you sure can get it for free if you win the game.

But if you’re running out the tickets, you must pay a dollar for each play until you get the prize you desire.

  • Flip calendar

Another prize you can get from playing this claw crane is the Pokémon flip calendar. If you purchase this original calendar, you must pay 20 dollars to get it.

By playing and winning the claw machine online game, this prize will be delivered to your house directly from Japan.

  • Plush collections

If you really love Pokémon, you’ll play hard and try to collect the entire Pokémon’s friends plush that are including Axew, Piplup, Eevee, and Squirtle.

The plush comes in 9 cm size and they are exclusive prizes that you can’t purchase from anywhere else. Only winning the game can give you the plush.

  • Face pouch

Pokémon face pouch is another prize option you can get by playing this claw machine at home. If you really want to win this pouch, select it as the gift before you start playing. Then play using your ticket to win Pokémon face pouch.

The other Pokémon stuff is waiting for you. Get the entire Pokémon original collections simply by winning claw machine apps with real prizes.

No need to leave your house to reach the claw machine. The gift you won will also be delivered to you so you better start playing immediately and win everything in there.

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