Call Center Operations Management and Its 2 Roles

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Effective call center operations management is going to increase customer retention and employee engagement. It will also help reduce operating costs. With employee and customer expectations changing constantly, it is challenging to develop and maintain a stronger management strategy.

It is crucial to find the perfect balance between automated and manual customer support, leverage AI while maintaining personalization, increase team productivity, and choose the right call center operation. The first thing to learn is about call center management.

Definition of Call Center Operations Management

Call center management is the way an organization uses to manage the daily call center operation. This usually includes employee hiring and training, customer interactions, and workforce scheduling. How the team handles the processes is going to contribute to the performance of call center operations.

What makes a call center successful in providing the best operations? The customer service team needs to work together and then use the right technology designed for call center operations. The call center department has two different key roles: call center agent and call center manager.

Call Center Manager

One role you can find on GBA Call Center Solution is the call center manager or supervisor. There are some skills call center manager should perform:

  • Critical thinking

A call center manager should have objective approaches so that he can evaluate the situation and then make an important decision. Critical thinking is going to let him visualize possibilities, challenge assumptions, and come up with different alternatives.

  • Problem-solving

Just like many leaders, managers of call centers must be excellent at solving a problem. They must be able to identify the problem’s root and have the creativity to evaluate possible solutions. And then they should be able to choose the most effective solution.

Call Center Agent

GBA Call Center Solution also has call center agents who are going to manage outbound and inbound calls for a business. These agents operate as the front line of a company. They need to handle various issues such as support requests, billing concerns, product complaints, and others.

Call center agents will have a list of duties. They should answer or initiate customer calls while performing in professional manners. Agents should also identify and escalate priority problems. Also, agents must be able to find opportunities to cross-sell or upsell.

Managers and agents of call center companies need to work together and perform the best call center operations management. Less coordination and skills are going to affect the quality of the management. It is crucial to make sure that each agent and manager has enough skills and experience.