4 Pikachu Claw Machine Prizes for Pikachu Lovers

Huge fans of Pikachu need to install a Pikachu claw machine and play the game as often as possible. Pikachu is the most famous pocket monster. Now, this character is super famous all around the world. You can win many Pikachu merchandises by playing online claw machine games.

Fans of Pikachu would love to collect original Pikachu merchandise from Japan. If you are one of them, you’ll have to play this online claw crane game that has exclusive Pikachu prizes from Japan. Those exclusive prizes will come directly from Japan to your house.

Exclusive Prizes from Pikachu Claw Machine


This online claw machine game offers only exclusive prizes for all winners. Those exclusive prizes aren’t for sale so the only way to get them all is by playing and winning the game. Below are exclusive Pikachu prizes you can win by playing the online claw machine game.

  • Pikachu Plush Slippers

There are two variants of Pikachu plush slippers to win. Both of them have a yellow color and Pikachu face but have different expressions. The original price for each pair of Pikachu plush slippers is USD 30 but you can get the prize by spending USD 1 for each play.

  • Pikachu Daily Flip Calendar

Another exclusive prize from the Pokémon claw machine game is the daily flip calendar. A Pikachu figurine holding a pokeball that has a calendar on it. This prize’s original price is USD 20. If you can win the game by using the premium ticket, you don’t have to spend any money to win the prize.

  • Pikachu Face Pouch

Then there is a small pouch you can use to keep your coins, lipstick, or any other small stuff. This pouch has a Pikachu face on it. If you already own this prize from the Pokémon claw machine game, keep playing to win the other face pouches with the other Pokémon’s faces.

  • Pikachu Pop Wrist Watch

Finally, you can choose the pop wrist watch with yellow color and Pikachu face on it as your prize. This prize’s original price is USD 20. You don’t have to pay that much if you can win the online claw machine game. You will get the wrist watch you win directly from Japan.

There are many other prizes you can get from this Pikachu claw machine. For example, there are Pikachu eco bags, Pikachu towels, and so on. Download the game for free from the App Store or Play Store and then start playing to collect the entire exclusive Pikachu prizes you desire.

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