4 Indonesia Technology Trends to Learn Before Expansion

When the pandemic spread in early 2020, it brought us some uncertain situations that are followed by unpredictable years. Fortunately, the technology is ready to make everyone stay connected with the others during the pandemic. With Indonesia technology trends, people and businesses can survive.

Technology makes people and businesses become able to collaborate with each other in an easier way. There are at least three trends in technology that are going to drive 2021 and the upcoming years. Learn about those technology trends before you start expanding to this country.

The Opportunity of Blockchain Technology in Indonesia

According to indonesia consumer trends, the first technology trend to learn is blockchain technology. This technology needed a long time to shift the center stage. But since people started trusting the algorithms more than before, this is the time for blockchain to rise and start to become the center of the market.

Decentralized finance is going to keep growing over the upcoming years. It is all because of the demand for the online financial products that increases. However, you still have to continually address the balance between scalability, decentralization, and security.

Indonesia Technology Trends: Customer Learning Experience

Attracting customers and educating them on the benefits of some features and products has required the digital first approach. This can be conducted with an e-commerce solution that integrates video, augmented reality, and also webchat.

For products that are more complex and require training like consumer electronics, software, and automotive, the companies are investing in the LMS or Learning Management Systems. The LMS solutions are allowing the businesses to create something useful.

With the LMS Solutions, businesses can create training programs, custom branded courseware, video, and documentation guides that will deliver a digital learning experience that is more complete. With analytics and big data, companies will be able to get insights to improve their offerings.

Opportunity of Cloud Based Tech in Indonesia

E-commerce in Indonesia continues to rise. This means platforms that are based on clouds are being pushed and will show the full potential through the upcoming years. Technology that is cloud native is going to continue powering the digital transformation.

At the end of 2021, about 60% companies are going to leverage the containers on the public cloud platforms. About 25% of the developers are going to leverage the serverless. The numbers are expected to grow in the upcoming years.

AI Can Become the New UI

Today, many apps are screen based. But by 2024, the process automation and user interfaces will be enabled by AI or artificial intelligence. About one tenth of apps that are screen based will be replaced by artificial intelligence technology.

By 2022, about 10% of enterprises in Indonesia are going to use conversational speech technology to engage with their customers. In the upcoming years, the percentage is also expected to grow.

–Since the pandemic attacked the country, Indonesia technology trends started growing and developing. Some trends are predicted to last and even keep growing after the pandemic ends. Learn more about the trends and how you can expand to Indonesia by leveraging the technology trends.

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