4 Claw Machine Online Play Singapore Impressive Features


Claw machine online play Singapore knows that you love crane games and want to play them anytime, anywhere. The classic crane game is only available in public places like movie theatres, shopping malls, and sometimes at grocery stores. But there is a more fascinating version available.

About three years ago, the pandemic changed everything. Public places were closed and people must stay at home. People start looking for a more fantastic way to get entertainment. And online games like claw machine online play are the best solutions you need to try.

The Online Version of Crane Games

The classic crane game is providing extraordinary prizes. Usually, there will be some crane games in a row. Each of them offers different prizes you can choose to win. The classic version of the crane game inspired the making of the online version. Now, you can get the online version and play it on the phone.

The online version of the crane game comes with interesting features. Each feature is going to enhance the fun of the game and make you want to keep playing the claw machine online play Singapore. Here are some outstanding features you’re about to find.

  • Various modes

The online game offers five different game modes. Each mode has its own challenge and will make you think of the best strategy to win the prize. Those five game modes are the bridge style, the ping-pong ball, the treasure hunt, the hang-hook-shake, and the bounded machine.

  • Exclusive prizes

Every game mode of the claw machine online play contains many amazing prizes. Those are not regular prizes but exclusive ones from Japan. The online game actually has real claw machines located in Japan. Those machines contain real prizes inside that allow you to choose and win.

  • Cross-platform app

The online crane game is a cross-platform app which means you can download and play the game on different devices. Both App Store and Play Store are providing this online crane game for free. Download the app, register and complete the data requirement, and then start winning the game.

  • Prize delivery

Once you win the game, the developer of this online crane game is about to send the exclusive prize from Japan to your home in Singapore. That’s why you need to fill in your address detail when creating an account.

Claw machine online/ play Singapore comes with four different features and five game modes. Ready to win all exclusive prizes inside the machine and get them for free?