3 Snack Prizes from Claw Machine Online Play

Interested in trying some Japanese foods and snacks? You don’t have to fly from Singapore to Japan. Download claw machine online play and try to win some Japanese original foods and snacks. Japan Claw Machine is going to ship the prize you choose and win directly to your residence in Singapore.

Japan Claw Machine itself is an online crane game you can play at home. The original claw machine is located in Japan. You will play through your smartphone and see how the real claw moves and get you the original Japanese prizes. When you win the prize, those real prizes will be internationally shipped.

Japan Claw Machine and Original Japanese Prizes

Since the machine is located in Japan, all the prizes put inside the machine are Japanese original prizes. Among so many prizes available to be chosen, Japan Claw Machine offers some foods and snacks you can choose.

If you have never tasted any Japanese snacks or food, you better get the game now and start playing to win these prizes.

1. Umaibo Japanese stick snack

Yaokin, a manufacturer in Japan, has produced Umaibo since 1979. Umaibo is a famous Japanese stick snack. The word Umaibo itself is a Japanese word meaning great tasting stick in English. You can buy this stick snack in a pack of 5 pcs, 15 pcs, or 30 pcs.

Japan Claw Machine offers 30 pieces of Umaibo snack by Yaokin for free, by playing the claw machine online play using the premium tickets. Or you can get this Japanese snack by spending USD 1 for each play. JCM is going to ship the snack via EMS or DHL to all the winners.

2. Oyatsu Japanese calpas snack

Another snack you can get as a prize by playing the Japan Claw Machine is a calpas. Calpas is a semi dry sausage. This snack is made of ground meat such as chicken, beef, or pork. Once the meat is spiced, seasoned, and mixed with lard, the mixture will be filled into the sausage plastic cases.

Then the sausage will be heated and dried and aged for between 60 and 90 days. You can enjoy this delicious Japanese snack after choosing the calpas as your prize and play the Japan Claw Machine game. The calpas snack you win will be shipped directly to your residence.

3. Nissin Raoh cup noodles

Inspired by all the ramen shops in Japan, Nissin delivers Japanese premium ramen noodles in its product, called Raoh. And you can taste the original ramen taste by playing the Japan Claw Machine and win Nissin Raoh as your prize. This prize comes in two different flavors.

The first one is the original soy sauce flavor and the second one is the hot chili flavor. If you really want to know the taste of Japanese ramen, you don’t have to go to Japan, especially during the pandemic. Keep playing until Japan Claw Machine ships both of the cup noodles you desire to Singapore.Don’t stop playing the Japan claw machine online play until you win all other original prizes from Japan. You’ll get an awesome collection from this game.

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