3 Pikachu Claw Machine Prizes for Pikachu Lovers


Pikachu is Pokemon number 25. It is an electric type Pokemon and is in the mouse category. Pikachu is able to generate powerful electricity. It has cheek sacs which are super stretchy and extra soft. Everyone loves Pikachu. If you love Pikachu so much, you’ll love to play the Pikachu claw machine.

Japan Claw Machine is a Japanese online arcade game you can play online on your Android phone or iPhone device. This game is offering real and original prizes that will be delivered from Japan to your home in Singapore. Interested in completing your Pikachu collections? Play this game immediately.

Pikachu Stuff You’ll Get from Japan Claw Machine

Japan Claw Machine actually offers so many Pokemon themed prizes for its players. But if you really want Pikachu prizes, you can choose Pikachu prize before you start playing the game. If you win, any Pikachu stuff you choose is going to be yours and JCM will ship it via EMS or DHL.

  • Pikachu face pouch

First unique Japanese original prize you can choose before the game starts is the Pikachu face pouch. This unique small pouch has the face of Pikachu, complete with its red cheeks and two yellow black ears. There is a zipper on top of the pouch. Win it and use the pouch to store anything small.

Pikachu face is not the only face pouch available. There are five other Pokemon face pouches you can opt for. For example, there is brown Eevee face pouch, blue Squirtle face pouch, orange Charmander face pouch, and the green Bulbasaur face pouch. Get them all and complete your pouch collections.

  • Pikachu pop wrist watch

Pikachu claw machine also has the pop wrist watch prizes for all Pokemon fans. You can choose one between five different wrist watches available. One of them, the yellow watch, is a Pikachu watch. This yellow watch has a Pikachu face on its surface. This will perfect your summer outfit.

The wrist watch prizes from Japan Claw Machine come in bright or pop colors, including the Pikachu watch. If this looks too weird to complete your outfits, display your Pikachu watch and the other watches you get from the online arcade game along with the other Pokemon stuff you own.

  • Pikachu eco bag

If you want something useful from this game, you can try winning the exclusive Japanese prize, the Pikachu eco bag. This bag has a yellow color, the color of Pikachu. It also has a Pikachu pattern on one side of the bag. There will also be a Pokeball on the corner of the bag along with Pikachu name.

Pikachu is not the only eco bag you can get from the game. Japan Claw Machine also provides many other Pokemon eco bags you can win. Each eco bag has a different picture of the Pokemon and different colors. Can you imagine how colorful your bag collection will be if you can win them all?

Get the Pikachu claw machine now and keep playing until you get all the exclusive prizes from Japan shipped to your home in Singapore.

Source: https://claw-plus.com/lp/pokemon-claw-machine/

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