3 Easy Ways to Claw Machine Online Play Singapore


How many times do you play the claw machine game every time you find the machine at the mall or amusement park? If you are addicted to the game, you must consider downloading a claw machine online play Singapore so you can play anytime, anywhere, on your mobile device.

This fun claw machine comes from Japan but can be played online around the world. What about the prizes you win? The game developer claimed that they have shipped the prizes to over 60 other countries around the world. If you win, the exclusive prizes will be shipped to your residence.

claw machine online play singapore

How to Play the Online Claw Machine Game

Before getting the app, you may want to check what prizes they offer and how you can win them all. The crane game from Japan is offering so many Japanese character inspired figurines, plush toys, and others. About how to win those exclusive prizes, there are easy steps you must follow.

  • You should pick the prize you want to win first

The characters of Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, One Piece, and many more are available for you to win. They’re all original prizes from Japan. Can you imagine how much money you should spend to travel to Japan and get the exclusive Japanese figurines?

By playing this awesome game, you can save your money. New players will get premium tickets, five tickets for five free plays. Use the tickets in the claw machine online play Singapore to grab the exclusive prizes for free.

  • Start playing the game to get the prizes you desire

Once you choose the prizes to win, there are playing methods to choose. Five different playing methods are waiting for you to play. Pick the easiest one if you are new to this game. If you think you are expert in this crane game, feel free to play any playing method and feel the challenges.

Each method comes with a tutorial and direction you can simply follow to play correctly and get the prize. The easy method requires you to claw the prize and drop it directly to the hole. The other one requires you to use the claw to hook a pink rink. Choose carefully so you can win easily.

  • Get the prize by winning the game

Just like the classic version of the claw machine game out there, your mission will be dropping the target to the hole. If you can do it properly, get the target to the hole, you win. Get ready to get the prize. Should you travel to Japan to bring the prize home? Absolutely no.

claw machine online play singapore 2

Stay at home and fill the details about your address. Let the game developer of claw machine online play Singapore ship the prize you deserve to your residence. They will use the service of EMS or DHL to reach you. What you have to do is wait for the prize to reach you.

Once you touch the real prize offered by this unique online claw machine game, you’ll get addicted to play and win more.

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