2 Prizes You’ll Get If You Win Kimetsu No Yaiba Claw Machine Online


Demon Slayer or Kimetsu No Yaiba is a famous anime from Japan. Now, many figurines are inspired by Kimetsu No Yaiba and are available anywhere. But to get the exclusive ones, you need to win Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine online. This online claw machine game comes from Japan.

Many prizes in this game exclusive Kimetsu No Yaiba merchandise. The game developer has exclusive contracts with Kimetsu No Yaiba, that’s how you can get exclusive Demon Slayer figurines simply by playing the online game. What will you win when playing the online claw machine game?

What to Win Kimetsu No Yaiba Claw Machine Online

Two main characters of Demon Slayer are Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko Kamado. Tanjiro is on a mission to return his sister to a human after being changed by a demon. The other members of the Kamado family are gone, murdered by the demon.

If you’re still following the journey of Tanjiro Kamado, choose these awesome limited-edition prizes before playing the claw machine game online.

  • Nezuko Kamado figurine

The first real prize to choose from when you are going to play the Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine online is this Nezuko Kamado figurine. This Nezuko Kamado figurine is wearing pink and black outfits, just like the real one in the anime.

The price of this limited-edition Nezuko Kamado figurine is USD50. Use your premium ticket to play the outstanding game and then you will get this figurine for free. Even though you can’t use the premium ticket anymore, you can still win a Nezuko Kamado figurine by spending USD1 for each game.

  • Tanjiro Kamado figurine

Another figurine to collect from this Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine online is the main male lead himself, Tanjiro Kamado figurine. He became one of the demon slayers to save his sister’s life. The figurine of Tanjiro Kamado is wearing the same demon slayer uniform as he has in the anime.

This Tanjiro Kamado figurine is very detailed. It even has a red-colored scar on the forehead, just like Tanjiro Kamado’s scar you can see in anime. The box carried by the figurine looks just the same as the real one.

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