2 Cute Prizes from Pikachu Claw Machine Singapore

Pikachu claw machine Singapore

Pokémon is full of wonderful and cute monsters. Everyone especially loves the super famous monster named Pikachu. In the Pokedex or Pokémon Index, Pikachu is Pokémon number 25. It is a mouse monster that has the static ability. Collect Pikachu by playing the Pikachu claw machine Singapore.

This claw machine is not a random machine you find at shopping malls and amusement parks. The claw machine game is for mobile devices. To win Pikachu merchandise, you need to get the claw machine game and install it on your mobile phone first.

A Unique Game Focusing on Pikachu

Google Play Store and the App Store both are offering many claw machine games. But this Pikachu claw machine Singapore is the best one if you want to collect only Pikachu prizes. Play this game at your home in Singapore and then you will get the chance to win exclusive prizes.

Pikachu comes from Japan. So when you play this online crane game, you will win exclusive prizes from Japan. The maker of this game is going to ship the prize you won directly from Japan through EMS or DHL. Below are some Pikachu prizes you may get by winning the game.

Pikachu claw machine Singapore slippers

The very first prize to choose from before playing the online claw machine is Pikachu slippers. There are two versions available and you are going to love them both. The first one has Pikachu’s smiling face. Another one has Pikachu’s blushing face. Collect them both simply by playing the game.

Each pair of Pikachu slippers is worth $30. But if you can win them by using premium tickets, you don’t have to pay that much. Choose Pikachu slippers before you start playing. When you win, the prizes they ship to you will be the slippers you desire.

Pikachu daily flip calendar

This online Pikachu claw machine Singapore game also offers a cute Pikachu calendar. The calendar will flip its date every single day. It has the look of a happy Pikachu sitting and holding a Pokeball. Right in the middle of the Pokeball is the daily flip calendar.

This limited edition prize is worth $20. If you don’t have premium tickets to win it for free, you only have to pay $1 to win the calendar.


Which Pikachu prize do you want to win from playing this Pikachu claw machine Singapore? No matter which prize you desire, you need to choose it before the game starts. And then wait for the game maker to deliver your Pikachu merchandise to your home.

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